Optimize Your Network Security and Compliance

Mobilize proactive network security and network infrastructure engineering without sacrificing compliance or scalability with SecureStrux™ NOC as a Service (NOCaaS).

What is a Network Operations Center (NOC) and Why Is it Beneficial?

Network environments are complex and ever-changing, and the job of managing them can consume an entire department of people and resources. With a dedicated NOC function in your organization, however, you can field network professionals to handle the size, scale, responsiveness and security of your networked systems. This includes remote workstations, mobile devices, data centers, routers, and compliance strategy.

A managed NOC, or a “NOC as a Service” (NOCaaS), however, gives you the benefits of an operations center while offloading the responsibility of building one in-house. A dedicated NOC partner like SecureStrux™ will leverage its dedicated expertise in compliance and cybersecurity to provide your organization with a robust NOC function for your operations.

Network Operations Center (NOC) Support

Extend Your Network Infrastructure with Real-Time Monitoring

In the face of evolving regulations and cybersecurity threats, resiliency and responsiveness are of prime importance. SecureStrux™ provides more than just NOC monitoring services. SecureStrux™ can extend your network infrastructure with meaningful and flexible NOC features to support businesses in almost any industry.

Outsourced 24x7 NOC Monitoring Services

On-Hand Expertise

A dedicated NOC takes the burden of network engineering and management from your IT team and places it in the hands of our experts. That means readily-available support that’s situated 100% in the United States, management and build-outs for critical network infrastructure, including wireless 802.1x networks and Department of Defense (DoD) requirements for SIPRNet and NIPRNet connectivity.

Efficient Operations

NOCs make network management more focused, efficient, and effective. By centralizing network management, you give more attention to that function while allowing the rest of your IT team to focus on the direct management of your business operations.


Networks are notoriously hard to scale due to their complexity and the rigors of compliance regulations. With expert managed NOC services from SecureStrux™, you can trust that your network will remain flexible and scalable as needed for the growth of your business

Responsive network support and security

Why Choose SecureStrux™ for Outsourced NOC Services?

SecureStrux™ Managed Security Services provide clients large and small with the compliance and cybersecurity tools they need to stay fit for defense contracting in the Defense Industrial Base (DIB). Outsourcing NOC functionality can make your operation lean and scalable, and with SecureStrux™ managed services, you’ll never sacrifice security for efficient and streamlined compliance. We also provide managed Security Operations Center (SOC) services.

An outsourced NOC (or NOCaaS) allows you to leverage expert network configuration, security, and compliance management without resourcing an internal NOC team in your organization. This way, you can strategically orient NOC services as needed, while maintaining 24/7 coverage and scalability.

A NOC service often functions, at least in part, like a help desk in that it will contain some help desk capabilities. However, a NOC will also contain continuous monitoring and proactive configuration and security operations.

A dedicated, outsourced NOC service will give your organization much more flexibility in how you deploy your network resources. With always-on support, expert configuration, and security management, your network services will be as responsive and scalable as they can be, all without investing in an unwieldy internal NOC function.

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SecureStrux™: Your NOC Service Provider

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