Get Inspection-Ready Network Security Managed For You, Not By You

It can be difficult to keep up with evolving cybersecurity threats. SecureStrux™ Managed Network Security Services provide you with the expertise and technical knowledge to keep pace with modern network vulnerabilities and compliance demands.

What are Managed Network Security Services and Why Are They Beneficial?

Developing compliance and cybersecurity strategies over an entire network takes experience and time. That’s why many businesses in the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) and commercial markets are turning to managed security services to offload that responsibility without sacrificing meaningful and effective security. 

When you work with SecureStrux™, you get the best compliance support, alongside the latest in cybersecurity network testing, assessment, and management. Contact us to learn more about how we can help support your network cybersecurity efforts.

Network Security Risk Management

Ongoing Managed Network Security Services

Network Security Risk Management

SecureStrux™ is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) with decades of security experience gathered under a single roof. With our ongoing engineering services, our Assured Defense and Embedded Defense Packages, you get a comprehensive approach to security: 

  • Thorough compliance strategy and implementation for rigorous frameworks such as CMMC, RMF, and CCRI. 
  • Infrastructural support to connect to SIPRNet and NIPRNet enclaves.  
  • Continuous monitoring and engineering support for modern cybersecurity readiness. 
  • Overarching and continuous support for critical security features (IAM, Governance, Risk & Compliance, and Security Testing and Evaluations). 
Network Vulnerability Management

What’s Part of SecureStrux™ Managed Network Security?

Network Security Monitoring & Alerts

Utilize managed network monitoring and alert services across your entire network. Monitoring and alerts are not only part of a good cybersecurity hygiene profile (necessary for CMMC and RMF compliance) but critical for proper security more broadly.  

Threat Assessment, Insight & Response

Maintain strict compliance with regulatory frameworks in your industry with rapid remediation of any non-compliant system or control. Stay ahead of updates to any relevant regulations and discover compliance issues as they arise.

User & Device Management

With remote work and mobile devices being the norm, it’s necessary for any organization, (commercial or government) to have the proper device and user controls in place. We provide thorough device management and Identity Access Management (IAM) services for our clients.

Network Vulnerability Management Experts

Why Choose SecureStrux™?

SecureStrux™ isn’t just a network security solution. We are a comprehensive MSSP that emphasizes compliance and ongoing support for businesses working in commercial, federal, and defense industries. Covering frameworks and regulations like CMMC, RMF, and CCRI, we combine expert engineering, compliance strategy and threat monitoring to ensure that your organization can operate securely and safely with nearly any industry partner. Organizations large and small trust our network security consultants and service providers to protect their business networks. From enterprise network security and industrial network cybersecurity, to network security for smaller defense contractors, SecureStrux™ is ready to help.

With our managed services, including our Assured Defense and Embedded Defense packages, you can trust that your networks and systems are compliant. That means you can focus on the growth and success of your business.

Network security is complex, and managing it a challenge. Managed network security is a professional service driven by experts who can plan, implement, and maintain compliant and effective network security for you without your having to employ a dedicated cybersecurity or IT team. Think of it as an outsourced team of network security consultants and service providers.

Learn more.

We provide a complete host of managed network security services, including:

  • Network security
  • Network infrastructure planning
  • Wireless network build-outs
  • Additional security and training offerings

Why choose SecureStrux™?

Network security spans both hardware and software security, making it complex. It takes an entire team to effectively manage an organization’s network vulnerabilities and threats. But it doesn’t benefit every single business to have their own dedicated network security team on payroll. These teams requires training, resources, and more. An outsourced network security service provider (like SecureStrux™) can bring expertise to bear without costing too much time and money, yet without sacrificing knowledge of cybersecurity or compliance standards.


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Manage Network Security with Compliance and Scalability in Mind

With SecureStrux™ as your network security and compliance partner, you can count on expert compliance strategy, rapid systems rollout and scalable infrastructure that can meet the challenges of modern IT work. As a network security service company, we support contractors and subcontractors in commercial, industrial, and federal/defense verticals.