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Trust the state of your security and compliance infrastructure against evolving threats and regulations with SecureStrux™ and our Ongoing Engineering Support.

Compliance as an Ongoing Effort

Cybersecurity Support Services

Continuous Monitoring is a real and necessary demand of high-level government and commercial IT work. Cybersecurity frameworks change, technologies change and as threats evolve your regulatory obligations will evolve in kind. With our ongoing engineering support, you can trust our security experts and engineers as they support your compliance strategies.

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Cybersecurity Support & Management Services

What is SecureStrux™ Ongoing Engineering Services?

Ongoing Engineering Services are the heart of our managed security service package. Evolving security threats and compliance demands will challenge your infrastructure, and an ongoing emphasis on IT engineering and maintenance will help keep your operations in shape. Whether its CMMC, RMF, or Continuous Monitoring, we can help.

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Expert Ongoing Compliance Support and Engineering

Why Choose SecureStrux™ for Ongoing Security Engineering?

Compliance is great, and many of us trust in compliance frameworks to guide our security efforts. But compliance defines security for an application or industry, not for an organization, and no framework will speak to the unique challenges of your organization. With SecureStrux™ engineering support, you won’t sacrifice your own security just for compliance.

This service provides on-hand and expert cybersecurity engineering support for engineering tasks and projects tied to security and compliance. If you need to architect, build and maintain a cybersecurity and compliance infrastructure that can meet modern threats and regulations.

Yes. Our Managed Security Services include ongoing engineering support on an ongoing basis.

Our services are comprehensive, and blend cybersecurity engineering and compliance planning and implementation. This includes:

Yes. Our cybersecurity support engineers will work on-site. We ask that clients consult with us on availability and the ability to travel on-site based on logistics and challenges due to COVID-19.

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Cybersecurity Above and Beyond with SecureStrux™

Compliance and cybersecurity are long-term investments, and an expert security partner can provide the kind of stability and resilience that your business needs in challenging times. Learn why SecureStrux™ can be that partner. Call us to learn about our Assured Defense Package, Embedded Defense Package and comprehensive MSSP services.