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What is Continuous Monitoring and Why is it Beneficial?

necessary continuous monitoring

In information security, many compliance frameworks like CMMC and RMF require what’s known as “Continuous Monitoring” to ensure continued compliance with cybersecurity standards. Continuous monitoring allows you and your partners to assess the compliance and security of your system/network in the face of expected or unexpected changes to compliance standards, IT security infrastructure or emerging security threats.  

NIST Continuous Monitoring Services

What Is Included in Continuous Monitoring from SecureStrux™? 

SecureStrux™ is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) that provides a complete managed solution for compliance and continuous monitoring.

  1. Compliance Monitoring and Remediation

    We monitor and track compliance over time, not just during audit periods, to ensure that you are meeting requirements effectively. This process saves time and money as well as eases compliance efforts across the board.  

  2. Cybersecurity Monitoring and Remediation

    Compliance is one thing, but often security is completely another. Our monitoring services provide security assessments so that your infrastructure is not only compliant but secured against the latest security threats in the wild.  

  3. System Configuration Management

    Most IT systems aren’t set and forget, especially with the rapidly changing world of cybersecurity threats. Our configuration management services support a responsive and optimized system. 

  4. System Patch Management

    Patches and updates are critical to proper security, and our managed security services handle patches installation, upgrade and management. 

  5. Managed SIEM Services

    Avoid on-prem solutions and IT staff for your SIEM tools. Leverage audit logs, documentation and data across your entire network without having to field your own SIEM software or team to maintain compliance and security.  

  6. RMF Continuous Monitoring

     Don’t leave your risk assessment and security program to chance. Our included RMF Continuous Monitoring services give you comprehensive information and control over security and compliance systems with an eye towards managing NIST Risk Management Framework. 

Expert Monitoring and Support

Why Should I Choose SecureStrux™ for Continuous Monitoring Services?

Information security continuous monitoring is a necessary part of regulations and compliance (and is sometimes referred to as ISCM). SecureStrux™ has been in the business of compliance and cybersecurity for nearly 15 years, and we’ve helped organizations spanning from enterprise aeronautics companies to SMBs entering government contracting manage their security and compliance needs.

Continuous monitoring is a critical and necessary part of most information security compliance frameworks, including CMMC and FedRAMP. It is also an important practice for good cyber hygiene that supports cybersecurity readiness for evolving threats.

A continuous monitoring plan is a blueprint of how an organization or their assessor will conduct continuous monitoring audits. These plans are built upon the security controls your organization has in place and the demands of the agency partnership in question.

There are different types of security continuous monitoring, including:

SecureStrux™ has expertise with each of those, in addition to other managed security services.

Implementing continuous monitoring doesn’t have to be a challenge. SecureStrux’s™ Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in cybersecurity and compliance will help your organization plan your continuous monitoring efforts, implement them in your infrastructure, and adapt them to changing regulations and security threats.

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SecureStrux™ Managed Security Services

Include Continuous Monitoring for your compliance infrastructure with our comprehensive managed security services. We offer security and network build-outs, penetration testing, vulnerability testing, and training for some of the most rigorous compliance frameworks in commercial and government work.