Cybersecurity Monitoring and Remediation


With SecureStrux Managed Security Services, you’ll be able to foreground cybersecurity while outsourcing critical audits, assessments and engineering services. This way, your business can stay flexible and responsive in an ever-evolving cyber threat landscape while trusting the expertise of our security experts.

With managed security and remediation services, your organization can focus on serving clients and growth while we handle the backend infrastructure.

Comprehensive Security Without Compromise

Support system-wide security with SecureStrux Cybersecurity Monitoring and Remediation.

Dedicated Managed Security Services

SecureStrux is a Managed Security Service Provider that focuses equally on cybersecurity infrastructure and compliance planning. We work with enterprise businesses and SMBs to prepare them for commercial and defense compliance requirements. If you are working, or will work with federal and DoD compliance frameworks like CMMC or RMF, work with the best.