Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)


Implement Strong, Responsive Security With Decades of Expertise

Businesses are learning that fielding the kind of expertise needed to meet the cybersecurity challenges of the 21st century is a tall order. That’s why they turn to SecureStrux™ as their Managed Security Services Provider for all their security and compliance demands.

What are Managed Security Services?

Use real-time data to analyze and optimize your security safeguards and ascertain the overall health of your security system and compliance efforts. 

Continuous Monitoring

Coordinate security controls with your risk management strategies and data governance policies to maintain a compliant and effective security posture. 

Engineering Support

Stay ahead of emerging security threats with managed network security driven by SecureStrux™ specialists with decades of experience.  

Managed Network Security

Maintain a clear and comprehensive view of your overall cybersecurity position with an expert Security Operations Center (SOC) that you don’t have to build from the ground up.  

Managed SOC

Consolidate IT support, compliance, and expert cybersecurity consultation with senior SecureStrux™ staff as part of our Assured Defense and Embedded Defense Packages.

Assured Defense 

Why Do I Need to Work With an MSSP?

A Managed Security Service Provider give clients a single-source solution for security management, system monitoring, and incident response. MSSPs, including SecureStrux™, offer clients round-the-clock protection and expertise through services like compliance monitoringmanaged SIEM servicessystem configuration, and patch management.

If your business serves clients with always-on features and technology, trust SecureStrux™ managed security to keep that infrastructure always-secure.


Unified Solutions for Security Management and Compliance

SecureStrux™ offers more than information security services: we offer packages and platforms to consolidate technology and expertise into concentrated support for your security and compliance needs. 

Our Assured Defense Package combines IT security services support or managed IT security services with an internal compliance team and curated security software to give you a single-vendor CMMC compliance solution that prioritizes the highest-quality security, following NIST requirements, over checking regulatory boxes. 

Additionally, our Embedded Defense Package includes intimate consultation and support from senior members of our security team as well access to capabilities like NIPRNet and SIPRNet access and supportmanaged Risk Management Framework (RMF), CMMC certificationCCRI inspections, and more.  

SecureStrux Continuous Monitoring Services

SecureStrux™ supports small, midsize, and enterprise-level businesses with organization-wide cybersecurity and compliance management.

Compliance Monitoring and Remediation

Maintain strict compliance with regulatory frameworks in your industry with rapid remediation of any non-compliant system or control. Stay ahead of updates to any relevant regulations and discover compliance issues as they arise.

Cybersecurity Monitoring and Remediation

Rely on continual and ongoing monitoring and assessment of security measures and safeguards in place, and immediate remediation of potential threats that could impact your organization, your compliance standing, and your data.  

System Configuration Management

Depend on our configuration management and system engineering services to help achieve and maintain an optimal and compliant operation of your security systems across your organization, including data centers, workstations, mobile devices, and other endpoints.  

System Patch Management

Stay up to date on patches for your critical security systems and platforms. This includes expert management of appropriate patches best suited to your operational, security, and compliance needs. Reduce exposure to potential threats by maintaining secure systems and reduce lost productivity due to complex patching requirements. 

Managed SIEM Services

Leverage system-wide event logs and data for effective and targeted Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and real-time incident monitoring and prevention. 



RMF Continuous Monitoring

Develop a comprehensive and responsive risk management framework with consistent RMF monitoring that informs effective risk assessment and tolerance. 


Our partnership extends far beyond a single cybersecurity audit/assessment or score.

We offer support packages customized to meet your need—and tailored to get the results you need.

A managed security service provider gives you a high level of expertise in both compliance strategies and implementation. MSSPs will provide managed security operations that can meet security demands and compliance needs without requiring you to field your own dedicated IT staff.

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is an organization that provides general, managed services. These can include cloud storage and computation, SaaS tools, or managed file transfer services. A Managed Security Service Provider is much like an MSP except that it specialized in security and compliance offerings.

A Managed Detection and Response (MDR) company will share some overlap with MSSPs, and that overlap is growing as MSSPs include more MDR capabilities.

In short, an MDR is a dedicated response and detection agency, and its software and consultation offerings will typically emphasize that aspect of security. They traditionally do not offer the extensive managed IT security services that an MSSP would, like a dashboard access or comprehensive security solution, but many MDRs are expanding their offerings and looking like MSSPs every day.

More likely than not, if you are a company without a dedicated cybersecurity team or compliance office, then you will probably want or need to work with an MSSP. These agencies not only help you manage security with knowledge of the latest threats and certifications around, they can also be critical partners for compliance efforts in a variety of industries, including retail, healthcare, or government work.

Security and Compliance the SecureStrux Way

Whether you are an enterprise-level business with extensive IT demands or an SMB stepping into cloud provision and SaaS products for federal agencies or clients in other industries, you can benefit from our automated and rigorous compliance and security system engineering services. Contact us to learn how we can help you get started today.