Least Privilege Access Management

Always-On Access Management

Maintain clear access controls utilizing the Principle of Least Privilege and Privileged Identity Management.

What is Privileged Access Management?

Privileged Access Management (PAM) is a system safeguard that is put into place to monitor and protect data or services based on user accounts and privileged access. More specifically, PAM is all about managing who accesses what through elevated or high-level accounts. When you have escalating data protections based on user role and data type, PAM safeguards ensure that only the right people see the right data.

Access window with login and password on virtual screen. Cyber security and personal data protection concept.

Why Use Least Privilege Access Management?

The reality is that few people in your organziation should have free access to system and client data. A cornerstone of effective compliance and security is ensure that employees can only access the minimum amount of data they need to accomplish their tasks. But balancing who should have access to what is a complex proposition, especially for enterprise organizations or businesses with distributed team. We help manage access in your system based on least privilege access to streamline your security and protect your data.

Maintain Security With Least Privileged Access

SecureStrux works with both Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS cloud architectures using the Principle of Least Privilege. That means that we build out your cloud system with the mechanisms in place to make sure that your people only access the minimum of what they need to get their jobs done. That means closing security gaps and maintaining strict control of your internal and client data.

Microsoft Azure Privileged Identity Management

Keep strict controls over user access privileges in an Azure Active Directory environment. We help you protect resources and implement clear user roles and audit trails to ensure a compliant and tightly-managed cybersecurity posture.

AWS Identity and Access Management

Manage access to data and AWS services through management of user and group permissions. We implement custom controls based on your organization’s needs to best promote your regulatory obligations and unique security challenges.


Why Choose SecureStrux?

SecureStrux is a Managed Security Service Provider that supports clients of all sizes, from enterprise businesses to SMBs in the Defense Industrial Network (DoD) or other commercial markets. With our MSSP offerings (including our Assured Defense and Embedded Defense Packages), advanced off-site managed SOC capabilities and managed NOC services, we can support your CMMCRMF, and CCRI compliance strategies and overall cybersecurity infrastructure.


Simplify User Access with SecureStrux Managed Security Services

Even smaller businesses can find managing user access to critical data to be a challenge. That’s why we provide critical privileged access management services for on-prem, Azure and AWS environments. Learn how we can help you streamline data security and access today.