Centralized Authentication


Integrate Centralized Authentication

SecureStrux can help you build a comprehensive security system that includes convenient and secure centralized single-point authentication for users. Learn how.

What is Centralized Authentication?

Having disparate user authentication and login portals across your various services and systems complicates compliance efforts and introduces different and unnecessary attack surfaces for hackers. With centralized authentication, you can streamline system access and concentrate security and user management into a single place.

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Centralized Authentication and Defense Compliance

CMMC and the underlying NIST 800-171 call for several levels of access controls for internal and guest users. To maintain higher levels of CMMC certification (and thus the ability to manage CUI) you must leverage Centralized Authentication to protect connected work domains, control user access, and allow or disallow guest access.

Is Centralized Authentication the Same as Single Sign-On Management?

Single Sign-On (SSO) is similar to, but slightly different than centralized authentication. With SSO, you can implement a more complex solution to ease access. SSO solutions store credentials for users across resources to reduce logins to a single event, whereas centralized authentication would require multiple logins to access different resources.

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Azure Active Directory

We work with you and your Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure to minimize administrative burden for authentication and authorization. Active Directory allows you to field apps and resources while centralizing authentication across all of your assets.

AWS Federated Services

Leverage AWS federation to reduce administrative overhead in your Amazon cloud environment. Utilize either Single Sign-On or Centralized Authorization across your cloud resources and applications to maintain compliance and simple user experience.


Why Choose SecureStrux?

SecureStrux provides Managed Security Services, including our Assured Defense and Embedded Defense packages, that cover compliance, cybersecurity, authentication and engineering services. If you are an SMB or enterprise business working in commercial, industrial or DoD contracting, we provide complete security and compliance solutions.


Trust SecureStrux to Streamline Authentication and Compliance

Reduce system complexity and attack surfaces while streamlining your user interfaces. Work with SecureStrux to make centralized authentication part of your infrastructure.