RMF ATO Services for DoD Agencies

The Risk Management Framework (RMF) enables Department of Defense agencies to effectively manage cybersecurity risk and make more informed, risk-based decisions. 


Department of Defense Agencies

Do you need to assess your information systems to DoD RMF standards in order to receive a DoD Authority to Operate (ATO)? With our DoD RMF certification and accreditation service, we can help you assess your information systems to DoD RMF standards. We utilize NIST Special Publication (SP) 800-53, the 6 steps of the RMF framework (see below), and our extensive experience to provide the Department of Defense agencies with RMF support.

The Six-Step DoD RMF Process

Our experience with DoD RMF compliance gives you the guidance you need to navigate every stage of the process. From setting up new systems to monitoring your ongoing risk, we are here to proactively support your data security on your path to RMF compliance. Learn more about the 6 step process from NIST here.


Categorize System

This occurs in conjunction with the governing body or agency who is issuing the ATO and is based on CNSSI 1253.


Select Controls

Based on the categorization of the system and identified information types, we support the selection specific sets of controls, common controls, and applied overlays and tailoring of controls document of an implementation plan draft and prepare the RMF Continuous Monitoring Strategy.


Implement Controls

We support documentation boundaries, initiate the Risk Assessment Report (RAR), draft interconnection agreements, register systems, and articulate/designate security controls for enclaves, systems, and applications. We will support the documentation of the security control implementation within the Security Plan and support the implementation of control solutions consistent with DoD component cybersecurity architectures


Assess Controls

Our team will assess the effectiveness of the security controls with a Security Test and Evaluation (ST&E) practices and support the Security Assessment Plan. We also support the development and approval of the Security Assessment Report (SAR) and provide a pre-assessment where we review the security posture of the Information System(s). In addition, we support the creation of a Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&Ms) as required and draft documents as articles of evidence for processes for review and acceptance by the Security Control Assessor (SCA) and Authorization Official (AO).


Authorize System

We are here to support your team during the authorization process with updates and changes as required by the AO during your review to receive your Authority to Operate.


Monitor Controls

As required by your system and ATO, we will work with your team to manage the weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual monitoring reports.

RMF Services

Our Services for RFM DoD Include:

»  Complete documentation (as needed, including POA&Ms, & SSPs)

»  Artifact creation & testing

»  eMASS uploads

»  Engineering Scans

»  Vulnerability assessments

»  Vulnerability scans and configuration

»  PowerStrux – Reporting tool to support your continuous monitoring requirements

»  DataStrux – Track data transfers across your cd and flash drive (Link to DTA page)

»  Environment & Network Buildouts

»  SIPRNet and NIPRNet build-outs

»  Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) evaluations, in-depth Application Security assessments, and System Hardening

Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) will help you find a cost-effective plan to engineer your software, architectures, cloud migrations, and tools to aid in developing secured systems. We maximize and enhance your cybersecurity across your entire organization by effectively leveraging your existing assets and licenses.

Partners in RMF Compliance

Simplify your path to ATO by working with SecureStrux. From the start of the process until you receive accreditation, our team of consultants will guide your team through the documentation and complex framework of the RMF methodology.

Complete RMF A&A Project Package

Complete Steps 1 & 2 of RMF Process

»  Complete the Information System (Tier 3) Risk Assessment Report (RAR).

»  Determine overall security categorization of Information System using the completed RAR, associated government contract(s), and relevant mission/business information.

»  Assist with finalizing Information System categorization and security control selection using the NISP eMASS Information System (IS) registration process.

»  Tailor security controls, as needed, by supplementing, modifying, and tailoring controls to effectively manage risk for any unique system conditions and handling requirements.

»  Identify where each security control will be documented, based on existing policies and procedures.

Complete Steps 3 & 4 of RMF Process

»  Use STIG Viewer to assess software implementation and configuration for technical security control implementation.

»  Document security controls that cannot be implemented either temporarily or permanently, based on the assessment and implementation results within the Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M) and provide mitigation recommendations

»  Identify all documentation required for complete package submission.

Step 5 – Receive RMF ATO from DoD

We support you during the ATO review process and required checkpoints

»  Upload artifacts to eMASS.

»  Any potential issues will be flagged by the AO or provided as a re-work plan.

»  Resolve issues presented by AO.

»  Receive ATO

Step 6 – Monitor Security Controls

Maintaining your ATO requires meeting the continuous monitoring requirements. An Embedded Defense Cyber Plan will help ensure you are maintaining your RMF and meeting your continuous monitoring requirements.

Our all-inclusive Embedded Defense Plan will provide consistent and predictable cybersecurity support on a fixed budget. The Embedded Defense Package brings our entire breadth of capabilities to your team, which enables you to approach your ATO maintenance and renewal from a holistic perspective. Whether you need a fresh perspective, custom training, or just some extra knowledge and hands, our service ensures you stay in a cyber ready status.

Partners in DoD RMF Compliance

Simplify your path to pursuing your ATO and reduce your exposure to risk by becoming RMF compliant. We’ll support your team through to compliance and provide continuous support.