Customized Solutions for RMF Compliance

We recognize that while the overarching rules of RMF A&A are similar for every system, your needs vary based upon your organization’s priorities and requirements. We create customized solutions and policies to communicate your organization’s infrastructure and challenges, along with how you’re mitigating your risk.

We have extensive experience with enclaves such as SIPRNet, NIPRNet, and Classified WANs (CWAN) will partner with you to identify and manage the unique requirements of these networks.

When pursuing a DoD ATO, we can help you navigate the complexities and questions you’ll face by making informed decisions that enhance security across your organization.

Is your application vulnerable to attack? Our cyber engineers will identify risk and thoroughly test your app prior to launch.

Continuous Monitoring Made Easy with PowerStrux™ and PowerStrux™ Pro

With our free PowerStrux™ Standalone System Monitor, you can automate manual system logging and data collection to support continuous monitoring, vulnerability assessment and report generation. Streamline risk management and assessment with a powerful tool that can meet the needs of your organization.
PowerStrux™ Pro is currently complimentary to download and use for SecureStrux™ clients with purchase of a full RMF package or Continuous Monitoring Services

Account Management

System Information

User Account Event Logs

User Logon/Logoff
Event Logging

Transfers to
Removable Storage

Print Job Logging

Security Group
Management Reports

Data Transfer Reports
Security Group
and User Event Logging

System Startup
and Shutdown Event Logs

Object Permissions, Operation
and Access Request Logging

User Account Event Audits

Report and File Customization

What is Risk Management Framework (RMF)?

At its core, the Risk Management Framework (RMF) determines how Department of Defense (DoD) agencies and their contractors must protect and secure their assets. Initially developed by the National Institute of Standards (NIST), this six-step process continues to change and evolve to help organizations improve their security posture on their path to attaining their Authority to Operate (ATO).


How We Solve Your RMF Challenges

RMF Delivery Methods

Our experience with DoD RMF and DCSA RMF compliance gives you the guidance you need to navigate every stage of the process. From standing up new systems to RMF continuous monitoring of your ongoing risk, we’re here to proactively manage your data security on your path to RMF compliance.

RMF Projects

Engage with our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for our turnkey RMF Process.

How Projects and Assessments Work

Embedded Defense Plan

Work with our Subject Matter Experts to enhance and maintain your cyber stance.

How The Embedded Defense Plan Works

Partners in RMF Compliance

Simplify your path to pursuing your ATO and reduce your exposure to risk by becoming RMF compliant. Whether you have a one-time project or need continuous support, we’ll support your team through to compliance.