Command Cyber Readiness Inspection (CCRI)

What is a Command Cyber Readiness Inspection? (CCRI)

Since its inception in 2010, the DISA CCRI program has aimed to protect sensitive DoD information and networks from attack. If your organization is scheduled for a CCRI, you may be given no or limited notice (generally 30 to 60 days) to prepare for this rigorous inspection, which includes a thorough analysis of cyber and physical assets, along with classified and unclassified network data.

While CCRI CONOPS provides guidance on how to prepare for your CCRI, navigating the available checklists and recommendations can be difficult. As experts in providing CCRI assistance, our team is here to help.


Prepare for Your CCRI Audit with a Staff Assistance Visit (SAV)

Even if you’ve been through a CCRI before, understanding every nuance and new requirement is overwhelming. Our mock CCRI Staff Assistance Visit (SAV) will emulate the CCRI process, walk you through what to expect, and arm you with the knowledge you need in an increasingly complex landscape where cyber influences every industry and decision.

SecureStrux is a local cyber security services company, and our team of experts understands how to best consult, train, and advise both you and your staff to prepare for and pass your scheduled CCRI. We stay ahead of new requirements, including TASKORD-20-0020 (vulnerability scanning) and OPORDs, along with new technologies included in the inspection that are meant to place greater emphasis on internet-facing technologies.


Service Beyond Your CCRI Score

Our team of seasoned CCRI compliance experts offers valuable insight into what it takes to bring both small and command-level enterprise networks into compliance. But while we have moved hundreds of organizations from fail to Excellent and Outstanding scores, we believe there’s a much bigger mission that guides what we do. We partner with you to make your organization more secure, resilient, and always ready. Since many of our team leads and reviewers have experience as CCRI auditors, we can mimic inspections with unparalleled accuracy, preparing your organization for every potential scenario. We understand the CCRI process, grading methodology, applicable STIGs, the intent of the CND Directives, individual FRAGOs, and the tools used during the inspection. As one of the few cybersecurity firms in the country that builds SIPRNets, we can architect, engineer, maintain and inspect your networks, prioritizing security, and resilience at every step.

A Broad Range of Command Cybersecurity Readiness Inspection (CCRI) Services

  •  CCRI Phase IV Grading
  •  CND Directives Guidance
  •  Vulnerability Management
  •  CCRI Tool Configuration
  •  Insider Threat Mitigation
  •  McAfee ePO Engineering
  •  Endpoint Deployment
  •  ACAS Security Center
  •  Nessus Engineering
  •  Network Perimeter
  •  Infrastructure Hardening
  •  Program Managed (PM) System Evaluations
  •  Wireless Discovery
  •  Wireless Controller
  •  Endpoint Assessments
  •  Blackberry Mobility Configuration Services
  •  Active Directory
  •  Exchange Compliance
  •  UNIX | RHEL Security Compliance
  •  Domain Naming System (DNS) Security Services
  •  Database Security Compliance
  •  Web Security Compliance
  •  Cross-Domain Solutions (CDS) Consulting
  •  REL Implementations & Architecture Reviews
  •  MS Workstation Hardening
  •  Physical Security

Get Inspection-Ready Results

Partner with our team to prepare for—and pass—your CCRI audit.

SecureStrux™ Can Support Your CCRI Needs Via:

A Staff Assistance Visit (SAV) to take your team through a mock CCRI and help you get prepared for your official inspection.

Project-based CCRI preparation to get your ESSACAS, or other items ready for your upcoming inspection.

Project-based after-action to complete POA&M actions and continue to improve your cyber-stance.

Ongoing cyber stance improvement via our Embedded Defense plan. Let our SMEs support your team and enclaves.