SIPRNet Enclave Expertise


We Provide SIPRNet Authorization/Connection Support To Small And Large Organizations Including Federal And DoD Entities, All Branches Of The Military, Defense Contractors, And Federally Funded Research And Development Centers (FFRDCs).

We understand the requirements to obtain and maintain SIPRNet enclave connectivity while ensuring long-term, sustainable security. Our team members are DISA-trained Team Leads and Reviewers. Incorporating this additional CCRI experience and knowledge into all our activities provides unparalleled value to our engagements and outcomes. This unique blend of knowledge enables us to engineer SIPRNet solutions that meet various Department of Defense (DoD) requirements from day one, reduce the costs of having additional technical reviews following enclave completion, and ensure you receive your SIPRNet Authorization to Operate (ATO) and Approval to Connect (ATC).

Contact us to also learn more about our NIPRNet capabilities. NIPRNet stands for Non-classified Internet Protocol Router Network. This protects sensitive and non-classified information. NIPRNet is the preferred Internet protocol for defense and military systems.


Our SIPRNet Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Our SMEs know the STIGs, which STIGs to apply, how to conduct the checks, and implement and prioritize the settings based on risk and Return on Investment (ROI). SecureStrux is highly regarded for our technical expertise, and most importantly, our commitment and demonstrated success in delivering solutions that strengthen the security posture of our client organizations.

Our Subject Matter Experts have developed and taught numerous DISA-approved courses on OS hardening, database security, web security, Trellix ePO, Endpoint Security Solution (ESS), RMF, vulnerability management, and network security. Our personnel are cross-trained in multiple technologies to bring efficiencies to the project and guide client staff on configuring, securing, and sustaining their SIPRNet environment.

SIPRNet Project Plan

The SecureStrux SIPRNet Project Plan

The standard SecureStrux approach for SIPRNet services is broken into five different processes as referenced below. The SecureStrux Project Manager will provide project management of the project scope for all processes with high-level insight into the SIPRNet enclave project requirements at project initiation. SecureStrux will meet with all appropriate site personnel and senior leadership to introduce team members, obtain proper logical and physical access, and verify any technical details needed for installing and configuring the enclave.

Our SIPRNet support efforts will provide and satisfy the following requirements:

How We Work

SIPRNet Projects

SIPRNet Enclave Buildouts (Scoped Projects)

We work with you to get your SIPRNet connected and authorized. Whether you want us to manage and execute the entire process, or provide support for specific phases or capabilities, we can support your organization’s SIPRNet Enclave build-out requirements.

SIPRNet Projects

SIPRNet Enclave Maintenance and CCRI After Action (Scoped Projects)

We work with you on your CCRI after-action support and ongoing SIPRNet maintenance project. Whether those needs are ongoing patching, STIGing, ACAS & ESS support, and OPORD and TASKORD updates. we can support your organization’s SIPRNet Enclave maintenance and update requirements.

Continuous Support

Embedded Defense Plan

The Embedded Defense Cyber Package from SecureStrux will help ensure you are maintaining your SIPRNet effectively, including ongoing patching, STIGing, ACAS & ESS support, and OPORD and TASKORD updates. 

Our all-inclusive Embedded Defense Cyber Package will provide consistent and predictable cybersecurity support on a fixed budget. The Embedded Defense Cyber Package brings our entire breadth of capabilities to your team, enabling you to approach your SIPRNet maintenance and Command Cyber Readiness Inspections (CCRIs) from a holistic perspective. Whether you need a fresh perspective, custom training, or just some extra knowledge and hands, our service ensures you stay in a cyber-ready status.

Partners in SIPRNet Build-outs

Simplify your path to a connected SIPRNet by working with SecureStrux. From the start of the process until you receive your ATC (Approval to Connect) our team of SIPRNet consultants will guide your team through the entire process.

Awards and Certifications

Patent # US 10,260,408 B1 Method and System for Computer Self-Determination for Security Protocol Compliance

SIPRNet stands for “Secret Internet Protocol Router Network”. The tools and reference material for SIPRNet can be found at the Department of Defense (DoD) Cyber ExchangeThe DISN Connection Process Guide provides guidance for the end-to-end life cycle processes of the connection requirement. SIPRNet is used to transmit up to the classification level of your government contract.

You cannot connect to SIPRNet through the regular public internet. The approval process is complex. Thankfully, the experts at SecureStrux are ready to guide your organization through it.

The standard SecureStrux approach for setting up a SIPRNet enclave is defined below:

  • On-Site Discovery Assessment
  • Mission Partner Connection (MPC) Approval & Circuit Order
  • Configuration & Risk Management Framework
  • Finalize Configuration, Connectivity & Service Testing
  • Training: operations, maintenance, and configuration of all infrastructure and workstations

SecureStrux’s cybersecurity experts work with SIPRNet in 3 main ways:

  1. SIPRNet Enclave Build-Outs (Scoped Projects)
  2. SIPRNet Enclave Maintenance and CCRI After Action (Scoped Projects)
  3. Continuous Support

Contact us for more information.

Partners in SIPRNet Build-outs

Simplify your path to a connected SIPRNet by working with SecureStrux. From the start of the process until you receive your ATC (Approval to Connect) our team of SIPRNet consultants will guide your team through the entire process.