Penetration Testing Services

Penetration Testing Services


The loss of intellectual property, hijacked websites, and the breach of client’s sensitive data are all likely scenarios that organizations need to consider in order to maintain the trust of their current clients as well as attract new clients.

Moreover, spillage can lead to audits, investigations, and potential loss of contracts. Though there is no silver bullet that prevents a malicious attack, there are best practices to reduce the impact of a potential occurrence. 

Periodic network penetration testing from both inside and outside your environment can help prevent an adversary from owning your assets and/or disrupting your organization. It provides visibility to vulnerabilities that your organization may inadvertently expose. Ultimately, the goal of penetration testing is to discover your vulnerabilities before an adversary does.

SecureStrux™ can impose a skilled and experienced team of pen testers against your network defenses to:

Cybersecurity Services With Your Package


Make the lives of your system administrators simpler and more productive with managed Azure Active Directory and AWS Directory Services. Includes direct IAM consulting and management for configurations, group policies, authentication across domains, file access and management, collaboration privileges, and more.

Wireless Local Area Network (LAN) Penetration Testing

A Wireless LAN penetration testing service plays an invaluable role in securing your wireless environment. SecureStrux™ uses various software and wireless detection equipment to assess and remediate your organization’s wireless LAN infrastructure, wireless endpoints, and rogue access points/devices.

Physical Penetration Testing

Physical penetration testing measures your physical security posture and the controls that are in place that would minimize access to your organization’s most critical assets. Using proven and customized methodologies, tactics, and physical security practices, SecureStrux™ identifies physical security gaps that need to be addressed to protect the small, large, and enterprise multi-hosting environments.

A Suite of Penetration Test Options

For most organizations, penetration testing is often the only way to be sure if a system is as robust as its methodologies claim. SecureStrux™ offers a suite of penetration test options to identify vulnerabilities and ensure that patches are providing the protection you require.

Our experts can highlight the weaknesses that exist in current deployments and provide a full plan of attack for resolving issues and maintaining security.

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