CCRI Training and Awareness


CCRI is a rigorous set of cybersecurity regulations for DoD contractors. Ufortunately, a CCRI audit can come at any time, and often with little warning. That’s why it is integral to stay ready for a potential audit with CCRI side-by-side training and awareness programs.

Maintain CCRI Audit Readiness

Your security and audit readiness capabilities will only be as strong as the team implementing it. Unfortunately, putting all required STIGs into practice can be costly in terms of time, money and work hours. Most DoD contractors don’t want to spend their time constantly preparing for audits when they have products and services to innovate for clients.

SecureStrux offers comprehensive on-site training and readiness readiness for clients with decades of collective experience that can support your people before, during and after CCRI audits.

CCRI audits are lengthy and complex, and call for a combination of ongoing compliance monitoring, comprehensive and effective organizational security policies and a trained staff.

We employee some of the best minds in DoD compliance and security. With decades of collective experience, our engineers and consultants have played a role in the legislation and business practices shaping frameworks like CCRI and CMMC. Professionally and publicly, the SecureStrux team are recognized SMEs and contributors to the field, developing award-winning solutions and robust software that has been adopted nationwide.

Our clients in the Defense Industrial Base have trusted us with their ongoing training and education for years. We’ve supported ongoing CCRI and RMF education and consulting services for complete CCRI preparedness.

Stay Ahead of Your CCRI Audit

Don’t get caught flat-footed. Stay ready, stay educated and stay capable for any CCRI challenge or audit. Call us now to learn about on-site and virtual CCRI training.