Cybersecurity Training & Awareness

Many organizations have a sizable team for implementing the necessary cyber controls but lack the knowledge on how-to begin and what to do. Other organizations have a team with a strong cybersecurity background, but need a little guidance to execute most efficiently.

At SecureStrux™, we understand these challenges and are here to help. No matter your team size or internal capabilities, we can work with you to get your systems up and running. Our team consists of some of the industry’s best and we are ready to share our knowledge and experience with your team. We are knowledgeable, eager to mentor, and have an extensive cybersecurity teaching history. Along with our experience, we provide a robust, real-world cyber-range for an optimum learning experience.


Program Highlights

» Learn how to implement and configure organization-dependent systems

» Learn how to implement and configure organization-dependent systems

» Remote or in-person training 

» Training can be included in your Embedded Defense Cyber Plan

» Organization-specific training

How We Work

Our cybersecurity mentorship will be provided as part of your Embedded Defense Cyber Package.

If you do not have an Embedded Defense Package, we also offer organization specific instruction via a one or two-week engagement. In this scenario, we will work with your team to outline the required scope of instruction and then join your team to guide and mentor them. This side-by-side training is custom built around you and your organization. This cybersecurity guidance can be conducted remotely or on-site.

Cybersecurity Services With Your Package


Organizations need a quick and accurate way to identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations within their infrastructure. If your organization needs ACAS or Tenable.SC to deliver guidance and recommendations on prioritizing and fixing exposures to risk, we can show you how. Our team has years of experience and knowledge to help get your team trained and ready. This instruction can be in person or remote and will help your team recognize and address your exposure risks.

ESS (Formerly HBSS)

The ESS (Endpoint Security Solutions) suite of products is designed to actively protect your network assets from theft, manipulation, or loss due to internal or external threats. The centrally-managed server allows staff to deploy, update, configure, and manage the suite of products remotely and discreetly across your network. We provide customized training to your team on how to implement this application on-site at your location.

CCRI is meant to help you assess and inspect your posture as it related to DoD regulations and compliance. We provide custom and effective instruction and mentoring to help you better understand how to prepare for CCRI inspections.

RMF Continuous Monitoring


The Risk Management Framework (RMF) calls for ongoing monitoring to help organizations stay ahead of evolving requirements and cybersecurity threats. With our RMF side-by-side instruction, you can prepare for the continuous monitoring requirements needed to authorize and manage your IT and security systems.

CMMC is the new and emerging security framework that will eventually become the standard in defense contracting. With SecureStrux™ you can train your people to ready systems for CMMC compliance at any level, particularly if you plan on handling CUI.

Vulnerability Testing & Management

If your organization wants to internalize vulnerability testing, then SecureStrux™ can help. Our cybersecurity experts can help mentor your IT staff on the necessities of vulnerability scanning, testing, and remediation.

Endpoint Security Best Practices

Are you using mobile devices, laptops, and other technologies? We can help your IT team and employees understand endpoint security best practices while also supporting a comprehensive endpoint management solution.

Learn More About Our Side-by-Side Training

To learn more about our virtual or in-person cybersecurity compliance instruction and mentorship, contact us today.