Meet Mark Hapeman: Client Success Manager

As Client Success Manager for SecureStrux LLC, Mark interacts with existing and potential clients on a regular basis. As the title implies, he is responsible for maintaining the SecureStrux/client relationship. He also dedicates a portion of his time to attending trade shows and industry events to market our capabilities to a larger audience.

An Interview with Justin Sylvester – SecureStrux Senior Cybersecurity Analyst

From the deep caverns of federal defense contracts technical support to the wide-open Internet of Things (IoT) of today’s household appliances, SecureStrux’s Senior Cybersecurity Analyst Justin Sylvester applies a keen focus to monitoring trends and educating others in order to strengthen the Cyber landscape of our country. Below Justin offers some insight to his personal […]

Marshall Gaines, Lead Cybersecurity Analyst

Marshall Gaines knows that to be successful in cyber, you need to “change with the times.” After leaving a successful radio/satellite communications career with the US Army, SecureStrux’s Lead Cybersecurity Analyst and Facility Security Officer (FSO) followed his instinct and chose computers over telecommunications. After learning the basics in a commercial environment, Marshall’s military background […]