PowerStrux 4.0 Updates

Modified on: August 20, 2020

Does Continuous Monitoring and the evolving requirements take up to much of your time on a weekly and monthly basis? Our team has just released an updated version of the PowerStrux Standalone Auditor PowerShell script! The new functionality  includes:

User Logon Type Table: Describes user logon times, type, and elevation status:

User Login Type - PowerStrux

Privilege Use Table: The privilege use table has been adjusted to include Process Commandline (what command was run).

Privilege use Type - PowerStrux

Event Log Capacity Table: The event log capacity table shows max vs current size of the event log, providing visibility into potential exhaustion.

Event Log Capacity Table - PowerStrux

If you are interested in using the tool, it is free and can be downloaded at: PowerStrux.com

Please direct any questions to [email protected]