Cybersecurity Compliance & Risk Assessments

SecureStrux is a cybersecurity firm for the Defense and Critical Infrastructure Industry offering Governance, Risk, and Compliance advisory services to build and sustain a comprehensive view of risk across your organization. Established in 2010 with deep roots in the DoD cybersecurity community, we’ve defended hundreds of defense contractors, multinational corporations, and governmental agencies against infrastructure threats. We enable clients to take appropriate action, reducing the risks of non-compliance and navigate through their organization’s multiple compliance requirements.0

SecureStrux’s End-to-End Cybersecurity Solution

Assess – Secure – Defend

Instead of treating cybersecurity as a point-in-time project, SecureStrux offers End-to-End solutions to effectively address weaknesses across our client’s cyber infrastructure. Our holistic approach results in a secure environment that transcends static compliance requirements. The result provides our clients with an effective, well-rounded, and resilient cybersecurity strategy – especially those that are unsure where to start. For clients who have a cybersecurity strategy in place and need support only in specific areas of practice, contact our business development team for a technical discussion.

Cybersecurity Compliance & Risk Assessment Services


Whether you are concerned with meeting compliance requirements or managing cyber risk, SecureStrux offers compliance audits and risk assessments identifying gaps between your existing baseline environment and requirements for common frameworks for defense and critical infrastructure businesses.

Cybersecurity assessments are an important tool in determining the most effective infrastructure security strategy for your organization and determining if you are meeting your legal compliance requirements and your risk exposure due to non-compliance. We also help prepare your organization for formal audits and provide confidence to 3rd Party Auditors and organizational leadership (CIO, CEO, CISO) that the necessary controls, requirements, and cyber protections are in place, practiced, and working.


Knowing your exposure to risk is essential to creating and maintaining compliance in infrastructure and security. SecureStrux offers Governance, Risk, and Compliance advisory services, building and sustaining a comprehensive view of risk across your organization to frame strategic goals, objectives, and priorities.

Our Cyber Compliance and Risk Assessments enable you to take appropriate action to reduce the risks of non-compliance to your organization. Our holistic Assess-Secure-Defend model helps you navigate the multiple compliance requirements for which you are responsible and meet its governance, risk, and compliance obligations within its limited resources.

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