Cari Maxwell



As our Director of People and Culture, Cari leads the daily charge to ensure that SecureStrux is a welcoming place where our employees find alignment personally and professionally, and can grow, learn and thrive. 

Cari brings over twenty years of professional experience, ten of them specifically dedicated to the development of people and culture programs that work in alignment with the company’s core values and purpose. She came to SecureStrux from Candoris, seeing the company from start-up through its next ten years, building and articulating a culture that led to the attraction and retention of top talent along with receiving several best workplaces awards along the way.

At work, ensuring that her company provides opportunities for employees to do meaningful work and give back to their community is a top focus. This has led to numerous community organizations receiving the benefit of countless volunteer hours devoted by like-minded individuals. At home, she is an outspoken and award-winning advocate for organizations that address the needs of patients living with kidney disease. From speaking engagements with patient groups and clinicians to lobbying for legislation that benefits kidney patients with government leaders, her commitment to others shines through.

Cari lives in Lancaster, PA with her husband and three daughters. In her free time, she enjoys quality time with the family at home and out on the golf course.

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