Alicia Brown

Alicia brings over 10 years of cybersecurity experience to the SecureStrux Team and is a highly-qualified security analysts and team leader. As a company project manager, Alicia is responsible for internal and customer processes that includes the overall personnel management, the overseeing of projects, and service delivery. Alicia has managed several projects to include a SecureStrux RMF project with the United States Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) for the  Project Time & Cost (PT&C) program.

Alicia is knowledgeable in Federal and state compliance with a proven track record in administrative oversight of contract review, development, finances and negotiations. She has a specialized background in healthcare helping leaders, business owners, attorneys, and consumers understand compliance issues, enforcement actions, training, budgeting and legal threats. Alicia’s policy experience ranges from medical institutions, leading corporations and universities, to healthcare startups. She has a strong working knowledge of all NIST documents including 800-53, 800-63, SP800-162, SP800-161, several FIPs and NSTIR documents.  SecureStrux relies on her extensive experience to manage projects and her leadership to design and implement strategic plans and develop high performing teams.  

In addition to previous work with the Veterans Administration and General Services Administration (GSA), Alicia experience includes serving with the Army ROTC/ National Guard as a MOS: 35F Intelligence Analyst.

Ms. Brown has earned a Master’s degree in Political Science and Government from American University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology from University of Maryland College Park.

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