An Interview with a SecureStrux Cybersecurity Analyst, Tammy Khy

For Tammy Khy, a Cybersecurity Analyst for SecureStrux, her introduction into cyber was a little out of the ordinary. After entering the United States Army as a Computer Operations Analyst, with a main interest in the technical side of this position, the Army pushed her position into the cyber realm. However, since Tammy was already interested in Accounting, getting placed into this position really kept her interested and challenged.

Tammy enjoys giving her clients the assurance and confidence of being trained in network security and cyber hygiene. Tammy believes that cyber is important to any organization and while many tasks can be accomplished in different ways, it is important to execute them in a way that makes the most sense to the client.

“Cyber is a growing field,” Tammy says, “and their are growing requirements for cyber with companies who contract with the U.S. Government.” Regardless of the size of an organization, small or large, Tammy believes that the growing need across industries for cybersecurity has sparked interest in young woman. “I would love to see more women and young girls in this field,” Tammy says. “Cyber can be fast-paced, very challenging and the field continues to evolve rapidly.”

Tammy Khy recommends the following resources for anyone interested in cybersecurity:

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About SecureStrux

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